Wednesday, 15 July 2009

TAG: Love or Hate

I saw this on a blog, I think its from Glamour - not 100% sure but I thought I would do it anyways. Feel free to do it aswell, its always good fun :D
Do you love or hate;
·Ginger hair- Love
Primark- Hate
Mamma mia- Hate
Lost- Hate
Shots- Loveeee
Katie and peter- Hate
Skinny jeans- Love
Wildlife programmes- Hate
Fake tan- Love
Angelina Jolie- Love/Hate
Blackberry phones- Love
Facebook status’- Hate Facebook so hate!
Jumpsuits- Love
Sushi- Love
Beards- Love! (on guys obv haha )
Ironing bed sheets- Hate
Harry hill- Hate
Dark chocolate-Love
Will do some other posts soon instead of just TAG's :D x

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