Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Ramblings of Emma....

Helloooo, this is just a random post coz I'm bored out my tree and feel like having a ramble so here goes ....
Not really been doing much; sitting in the sunshine, reading me book, eating - usual stuff. I've got totally obsessed with BBLB - not so much BB - I think thats because George Lamb isn't in the house. George Lamb ... swoon <3>
Not much else has been happening really, pretty dull stuff thb.
I booked myself in for a hair cut next Tuesday and am in two minds about what to get done so I am asking for some advice from you (again!) ...
I have been wearing my hair in a side parting with a side fringe for a while now and I do like it but I used to have a full fringe and I liked that too. I am in total limbo about whether to just get a trim or to get my fringe cut back in.
The top two are pictures of me with the sidey and the bottom two I obviously have a fringe!
But what do you think looks best?

I blame Erin from The City - without her I would have just got a trim but she gots me to thinking about my fringe and how much I liked it so I'm unsure about what I want to get.
I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll have a little post about that probably and maybe a OOTD - we will see if I wear anything exciting or not ....
I was going to do more of like my five favourites posts like bags, shoes, cardigans, books, films .... let me know if that sounds goooood.
Hope everyones enjoying the lovely weather. take careee x


  1. definately keep the side fringe!! looks gorge. x

  2. If you fancy a change then get the fringe back in but i think u suit side fringe best, how about a different colour? dark red or almost black or more higlights? cant wait to see what you get xx

  3. lovely blog *follows*

  4. I had the same dilemma a while back also, I just asked my hairstylist to cut it in a way that both could be worn, and it's worked perfectly.



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