Friday, 24 July 2009

OOTD & More ....

OOTD ....
I wasn't going to post this because I don't really like the outfit. My hips/thighs look massive but its what I wore today so here we go ....
I'm wearing my Dorothy Perkins dress with Topshop leggings and a topshop cardigan. I wore simple black flats and used my Miss Selfridge "Chanel" bag.
I'm now off to get change coz I am not liking this - its one of those days!

New Purchases ....

I went out shopping this morning to return a bag to Warehouse and ended up swapping it for the dress/top that is in the last picture which I really love.

I think it was about £16, not too bad.

My mum wanted to have a look in Dune so we wandered in as the sale was on. As you may or may not know I have been searching for my holy grail wedge and I am pleased to report that I have found them ....

yayyyyyy :D

haha I got them in the Dune sale for £38.50 - weird price! reduced from £55 which is not a bad saving.

They are made up of two velvet strap and the part that goes around the back of your ankle is elastic. They are kind of hard to explain?!
I really love them, I got them in black but they come in a nude/beige colour as well which is pretty but they didn't have my size.
If anyone is looking for shoes I'd definitely check out the Dune sale, tis very good :D

So that's it, a not so good OOTD and some new stuff :D

Hope every ones having a good Friday.

Anyone bought any new stuff lately? I love seeing what people buy ha.

Take care x


  1. i think you looked lovely! but you have to feel it too, right? :) i love your purchases, but especially the wedges! So gorgeous, and versatile too! xx

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan

    I think its just the way I'm feeling tbh :D


  3. You look lovely hun but i know what you mean about feeling a bit bluerghh. Cute wedges x

  4. Lovely outfit, honestly.
    We all have those days, I find eating dark chocolate helps ;)
    Lovely shoes too.

  5. thsnks for your comment :) it's spooky because those are my favourites too!

    your new buys are gorgeous too, really cute blog! xx


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