Tuesday, 21 July 2009

In & Out Thirty One

Whats in for Tuesday ...
  • Dark nails ala Lily Allen.

I have seen so many pictures of her with dark nails that OPI Lincoln park after dark was the polish I reached for when I did my nails last night.

  • Warehouse.

No clue why but I am loving it at the moment. There and Gap, normally I am a total Topshop girl but not of late. I think its because everyone seems to get stuff out of there and everyone wears the same stuff which is a tad boring.

  • The Maccabees

Can't stop listening to them just now. Don't know why, apart from because obviously I think they are good and like their music. Plus Felix is hottttt ;)

Whats out for Tuesday ...
  • Rubbish Weather

It has rained all day ... how rubbish is that? Not impressed at all.

  • 17 Pressed powder

Its was cheap and it is rubbish! It is really powdery and kind of cakey on my face - not a good look. Much prefer my MSF natural :D


  1. I agree about Topshop, i love the clothes (most of the time) but it's good to try n find something different every now and then. X

  2. i love dark nails too, just cant brind myself to wear them in summer as i know when winter comes around ill feel silly with bright rose/coral/lilac nails!
    I dont like any 17 make up :( i had an eyeliner from there once and i couldnt use it cause my eyes would burn so bad! xxx

  3. I'm loving dark nails too x


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