Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dresses Dresses Dresses

A couple of posts back I asked for your advice on two ASOS dresses, I ended up buying the lace one but after much thought I've decided it's not me. Not sure what it is about it, I'm just not feeling it really.

Seen as I required my shopping needs & wants to be met and feel the need to purchase clothes for no apparent reason I decided to return the dress & purchase something that I like better. I have a big night out planned in Glasgow at the end of June & then my Ganna (a family name for my Granny) and Grandpa's 60th Wedding anniversary party in September so I might as well get one outfit for the two occasions ...

I have a few ideas in mind both from Misguided, a website that I admittedly only discovered yesterday in my internet roaming *hangs head in shame while getting out bank card at the sheer excitement of the amazing prices*

Seen as I can't for the life of me workout how to copy & paste the images of the dress from the website, I'm afraid links will have to do...

I was thinking this with dusky pink shoes I have or the shoes featured in the second picture with a tan belt possibly a nice chunky gold ring.

I love everything about this outfit. The shoes just make it. The only thing that puts me off this a little is the fact it has no sleeves & I'm  little self conscious of my arms but a little cropped blazer could sort that until I've enough vodka in me to not care...

What does everyone think? x


  1. Eeek I love both, I think the cream one is more summery but the 'frankie' one is more classic. Haha I'm chatting nonsense here, they are both lovely! xo

  2. haha no it's helpful! I'm guessing I should choose the 'Frankie' one as it is more classic & will go with everything but the other one is so pretty... ha looks like I might need to buy both :P x


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