Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Rambles.

Following this post  about my black shoes ,pictured on the left, with my trousers I got a few comments about black shoes & how you can never have to many basically. That said while packing for my little trip home I decided for some reason to pack three pairs of black heels. I love these shoes. They are all a little bit different which made them appeal to me I guess. Who wants boring shoes?!

I love them all for different reason but I think the ones in the middle which are from Dorothy Perkins are my favourite, probably because they are the newest ones. Plus they have flowers one the front & a thick heel.

On another note, I am still trying to get over my 'mountain' that I have been struggling with for the last few weeks. I have ups and downs, been having a down for the past few days trying to find ways to keep myself occupied. Blogging helps but I can't be forever blogging - you'd all come kill me! I have had a tumblr for a while & have been tumberling a lot so if you are on there come on over & say howdy.

I know that things will get better, this is just something that is going to make me stronger but it is difficult being away from my family & away from people that don't understand I am still trying to get back to myself. I have just finished day 3 of 6 days work. I am tired & probably will get an early night. As much as I say I hate work, it is a good distraction so I can't really complain.

Everyone have a good weekend? x


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