Saturday, 11 June 2011

This & That

I had planned on doing an outfit of the day today but I didn't have time before I went out for lunch & I'm tired now. I keep forgetting that it was only on Thursday that I had a minor operation so I am obviously going to be tired from doing not too much.

I wore some navy trousers today with a nude coloured top & my new red Miss Selfridge shoes featured below which I am in total love with, they just make me so happy when I look at them - sad, ay?

I am also totally loving The Wombats Techno fan, I know it's probably not everyones taste & not a 'cool' band to like but they have catchy, light hearted tunes that I'm liking so what can ya do!

Over the past couple of days I've found loads of blogs that I really like & enjoy reading. I find that you can go through periods of finding little blogs that inspire or interest you then you'll go through a period of finding loads that are just amazing, normally when you aren't looking - like most things in life I suppose.

I'm in a bit of confusion about what to do with my hair. More the colour than anything else. I had it a browny red for a while which was nice but I didn't feel I could wear lipstick with it as the colours clashed. I thought of going a darker brown & then I thought a lighter brown possibly a dark blonde seen as it is summer, supposedly. What do you think? 

Anyway end of a rambly post but I felt like writing... x


  1. ah the wombats remind me of indie nights in stoke. What colour's your hair now? Still brown/red? i think bright red lippy looks sooo nice against that colour hair


  2. Like a medium brown. Think brown/red will come back, I liked it. The clash with pink lippy would be nice too :) x

  3. I vote a dark reddy brown! Can't wait to see what you do with it anyway :) xo


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