Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Life gives you lemons

General rambles

I've been sort of on & off of here recently but I'm having a pretty tough time personally & at times feel like I'm dealing with it really well & then other times I just break down and have this general feeling of I can't handle this. I know it will only make me stronger & I need to move onwards & upwards after this but it's currently really hard. Luckily I have amazing friends & family that are just being really amazing.

In my happy dealing with it phase earlier today I was loving a little bit of Queen, in particular You're my best friend. It's just so amazing...

also, The Courteeners Good times are calling. I love The Courteeners. This is just an amazing song. 

Blog Inspiration 
I had lost my blogging 'mojo' a little bit but after finding & totally loving Stripes and Red lips I just feel so much more inspired to get back into blogging. I enjoyed it when I did it regularly so I should make time to fit it into my life!

More rambles

I had planned on doing an outfit post today but my camera batteries where dead (typical!) I did buy some amazing shoes today which I will feature tomorrow probably. I love them, they are just gorgeous!

I just have a general feeling of being lost at the moment, I know I'm not happy with where I am & I know it is up to me to change it but I am a first class worrier ... as the saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemonade so I need to be happy & thankful for what I have & make the most of it because I am lucky.

Facebook can be a dangerous thing, you find out stuff you don't need or want to know & it can lead to spending an unhealthy amount of time on it being too interested in others lifes...

Tomorrow some new shoes, I promise. Hopefully I'll be more jolly & like me! x

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