Thursday, 16 June 2011

Random rambles from the other day!

Wasn't sure what to blog about today. Not got anything fashiony related to say. I haven't got dressed properly the last two days, they've been joggies kinda days. Doubt my disheveled look would interest anybody, probably put you off more than anything. So instead I've decided to post some random things from around my room at my mum & dads.

I was sorting out my room & decided a pretty bowl would be a handy way to store some of the rubbish that is living on my bedside table. I kind of like the messy, random look of it. I'm currently reading Linda La Plante 'Cold Shoulder', actually really enjoying it. It's not my normal genre of book. I normally read chick-lit stuff but I thought I might as well try a thriller for a change, it's actually so good.

Been enjoying green tea a lot recently, especially in my little cup cake mug from Homebase. My lovely mum bought me some bright orange flowers for me room to cheer me up & she knows orange is my favourite colour. They are just so cheery staring out from the corner of my room.

Not too much else to say really, still to dye my hair. Decided to return the dye I bought originally as it hasn't been used & I don't want the ulta violet-ness. Will see what I end up with this time. x


  1. love your blog its absoluetly amazing!


  2. aw thanks :) Nice comment to wake up too :P x


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