Friday, 24 June 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I said I would show you all my hair when I had dyed it, this is 2/3 washes in, it has faded a little despite using red shampoo & conditioner and the conditioner that comes with the dye on rotation but red hair always fades fast. Just how it is. It probably hasn't faded that much, I'm probably just overly picky & harsh on things.

The third picture washes me out but you can see more of the redness than in the picture that aren't taken directly in front of the window. I really love red undertones in my hair, they warm up my skin tone & make my eye more blue. My hairdresser was freaking out the first time I went in, he was like 'It's really weird, the red makes your eyes even more blue & pop. It's just so weird.

My Haircare Routine.

Pre dye - Vosene

I used Vosene to remove any left over dye from before. A previous hairdresser told me to use this when I had a dye disaster a few years back. It takes my hair back to it's natural state then I use loads of conditioner. After using this I normal dye my hair the next day.

Hair Dye

I use L'loreal recital preference as it was recommended by a previous hairdresser & I've never had any problems with it. Colour are always true to box & work out even etc. The only L'loreal hair dye I had a problem with was the Excellence Creme which turned my hair black but the Recital Preference I've had no trouble with in the 3/4 years I've used it.

Washing & Styling

I was my hair everyday unless I am doing absolutely nothing then I have a rest day. I use whatever shampoo & conditioner I pick up from the shops. Normally, Lloreal colour Elive one for dyed hair, Aussie or the John Fredia colour one. I use the John Fredia red shampoo and conditioner as I feel it prolongs my colour as does the Aussie colour mate range which I love. The Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment is good for stopping your get that dry, coarse look that dying it can give the end.

In terms of styling, I have short hair. Normally cropped so if it is cropped it is a case of blow drying it probably put some thickening product say VO5 thickening spray or a mousse normally Aussie or James Brown. Lee Stafford has good stuff too! Then some wax normally a She Umera feather light one I got from the hairdressers.

As my hair is a little longer at the moment I use a VO5 shine spray before straightening my fringe which stop it looking dry & curling out as my hair has a tendency to do when it needs cut. After that it is pretty much done. In total it takes about 5 minutes.



  1. Love the reddy colour, it suits you so well and you're right, it's perfect with blue eyes! :) xo

  2. I really like the colour. And I use Aussie colour shampoo too but none of the colour brands seem to lock mine in, sighs


  3. Thanks ladies :) @Eloise Aussie & the Lloreal colour protect range are the only ones that work for me. NOne of the rest do much other than strip the dye! x


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