Saturday, 18 June 2011

Leopard print & red shoes

I woke yesterday morning to, as a mentioned, a lovely comment & I was feeling good, positive you could say.  Then my outfit photographed well & my make up looked semi-decent if a little shiny. Thanks to High beam for my 'glow'. I love that stuff!

I love leopard print. I am on the hunt for some leopard print heels, ballet flats too possibly a bag too. Nothing too leopard pint in terms of the bag - that could turn out to be tacky...

I love these red shoes from Miss Selfridge. They just make me so happy. Probably not the best choice of footwear as it is raining in Glasgow today but they are too pretty to leave lying around. They are a rubbery material after all. The bag is a favourite too which was a present from my friends on my 21st. The lock has broken, should really get it fixed. One day.

Going to a shopping centre tonight with my mum & brother thinking of getting a dolly bow, leopard print hopefully, some red jeans & possibly some nude ballet flats. Hair dye too. Exciting I know.

I've not been wearing much jewerelly lately, probably because I brought hardly anything home! Bad packer city centre.

Hopefully I should get my Canon camera back soon after I pay the £92 (!!) to get it fixed even though it was only bought in October... practically paying 3/4 of the original price. Not impressed but it's a good camera & worth the money so I should stop moaning really.

Tshirt - H&M
Trousers - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Scarf - M&S (about ten years ago)
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Present



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