Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hat hair & a horse.

I hate my face but love my horse belt... I desperately need to tan & dye my hair. I look like a ghost with a very bad hat on. Not a very positive way to start a post  but it is true.

I didn't do much today but did come home with a new lipstick which will be featured in my next post, that's the plan anyways. It is such a gorgeous colour. What a tease I am! Anyone see the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians? At the family dinner, Kourtney's lipstick was gorgeous such a nice red. Kardashians = guilty pleasure. Plus they are good role models in terms of accepting your body & that stick thin isn't necessarily the only way to be 'attractive'.

Another blogspiration linko ....Love Indigo her hair both style & colour are amazing plus she wears some pure (wee bit of Glaswegian coming out there) amazing outfits! 

I think my blogs a bit 'pink' - I am by no means a 'pink girl', for some reason pink just happened to creep onto my blog... it's bright & cheery if a little pink but I can live with it for now! I really need to get back to the gym but have another week & a bit of recovery before that can happen... I write like I'm annoyed as much as I like the gym, yeah I'm sad, not going is also pretty good too. Every cloud I guess.

Cardigan - H&M
Playsuit - Tesco
Belt - Primark
Bag - Tesco



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