Thursday, 16 June 2011

Who's that chick?

I went to the dentist the other day & obviously couldn't come back empty handed. That would just be wrong & sensible instead I bought a lipstick, I need it honest, and some tame & shine spray from VO5. I did need this as I had run out of Lee Stafford flat iron spray stuff. The lipstick is 17 Lasting Fix in Hot Chilli. It is a gorgeous orange red. I just totally love it. I think it will look better with a fake tan as I am pretty pale just now but I couldn't resist trying it out. The top photo is without flash & the bottom is obviously with! I'm a bit apprehensive of how it will look with my new hair colour but the clash might be nice.

I got the colour 3.66 dark red ulta violet, which I thought was my normal hair dye but it's not I normally get 4.65 Grenada Deep Mahogany red but we will see how this one turns out, obviously it will be darker but change is nice. I'm thinking of going proper red next dye with 6.66 Babylon or 5.56 Cayenne red mahogany brown which I love. Sure you're all like right Emma shut about this now, we don't care. I will stop now. The L'loreal website is actually really helpful.

Speaking of hair, I have been wondering what to do with hair for a while at the moment I look like a burst cushion then one night I was watching some music channel & Rihanna Who's that chick came on & I fell in love with her hair. I don't think I'd get it shaved in like hers probably just cut in, not brave enough for shaving it. Anyways enough random rambles about my hair! x

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