Thursday, 30 June 2011

Camel, Cuts & chatter

A wee bit picture heavy but I love this outfit. It is perfect for day & night as I demonstrated on Tuesday night. I hadn't been on a proper night out since ... April! So on Tuesday night I got my glad rags on & hit the town. I wore my new camel jeans from New Look with an off the shoulder black top from Zara, a simple gold necklace from Topshop & my New Look wedges. I also wore my lovely 17 lipstick in hot chilli which in the club photo looks red (?!) My friend & I thought it would be funny to jump in this picture, the other two girls we don't know!

It is basically the same outfit that I wore during the day a few weeks above, pictured above, expect I wore a tshirt & some flats. I love the outfit. The trousers are difficult to get hold of though. I got my haircut on Tuesday morning - it desperately needed done. I got a different hair dresser & really like what she has done with my hair. It takes seconds to style.

In other news, I've finished my six days of work & my day off today is very welcome. My flat is a tip so plan on tidying that up & just perusing blogs  watching youtube videos. Probably all in my jammies. Might sneak in a quick watch of An affair to remember (Cary Grant, Swoooon) & Angus, Thongs - which made one of my flatmates cry when she watched it...

I have a few posts coming up, I'm happy I got back into blogging. I love writing my rambly thoughts down. I;m thinking of doing a my secrets posts like the youtube videos & have a few products coming up. Hopefully I will go to my parents next week so I can pinch my brothers camera again for a wee while until I get mine back, they've only had it since April!


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