Monday, 13 June 2011

Florals & Strides

I definitely do not need more nail polish but when I saw these colours I just had to get them. They are so bright & summery plus I don't have anything like them in my collection. A deeper colour & a more bright coral are essentials, don't ya know!

I didn't do too much yesterday, after I did this outfit & went out for a few hours with my mum I spent most of the afternoon/evening in bed before having a good cry to my mum & sleeping amazingly well. I love trousers, jeans I'm not such a fan of but trousers I love! I'm not too sure about combining the top with the trousers as the top is a big shapeless but I like it & was comfortable which is what matters really.

I bought a brown-red hair dye, I realised this morning that it is one darker than the one I'd used in the past & is ulta violet but I'm sure it'll be fine. Need to get my tan on big time too although I am enjoying the pale look at the moment.

Vest (worn underneath) - Tesco
Top - Topshop
Trousers - Zara sale
Belt - H&M
Bag - Tesco



  1. omg the bag is from tesco? i love it ! xx

  2. @Becky. Yeah was like £12. It's worn really well too :) x


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