Monday, 4 July 2011

I will hold on

Nothing fashion related today, just a couple of products I'm loving.

First up is Barbara Daly, which is avalaible at Tesco eye liner pen. As you know I am a massive eye liner pen. Normally sticking to MAC fluid line or Rimmel liquid liner but my mama bought me this as a present & I love it. It is so easy to apply , goes on a dream & lasts all day. I think, not 100% sure as it was a gift, it is £5 which is a pretty good price for a decent eye liner!

The second product is Barry M Nail paint in Berry. This is such a pretty pastel lilac that is perfect for summer. I had a black nail varnish on one day & spotted this peaking over at me from the other side of the room so decided to wear it. It, again, isn't too expensive & has really good staying power.

Not too much has been happening really. Going back to Glasgow tomorrow night, my dad had a bad fall so I want to see him. He is okay, very bruised & cut especially on his head but he is doing fine. Hopefully I will get my brothers camera back so I can show you my new clock (Yes, I am still excited about this!). I move in to my new flat in 27 days!! Seriously cannot wait to get out of this joint but not long too go. Can't wait to style up my new room - exciting! x


  1. I wish I could get Barry M nail polishes here, they always have the cutest colors! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. i love that nail polish, its my fave to-go-to colour atm! LOVE IT.


  3. @The Cat Hag ebay might have some floating around, might be silly prices though :) x

    @Eliza It is such a good colour, easy to wear x


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