Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Looks just like jam

This necklace is actually a present I got for my lovely mum for Mothers Day from Topshop but she let me borrow it the other day. It has a massive red stone on it that in my opinion resembles jam although you would have to see it in person to really see what I mean. It is on a very long gold chain, comes to just underneath my belly button. I just love it. It is a little bit different & definitely adds interest to an outfit.

In other news, I got the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser which I have been wanting to try for ages so hopefully this will brighten up my skin a touch as it hasn't been looking too great as of late.

check out the orb in this photo ... Ghost & a half!


  1. i really wanna try that cleanser, please do a review! (L)
    and the pendant is so cute!


  2. Second use today & I already love! I will definitely do a post on it when I've used to for longer :) x


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