Sunday, 24 July 2011

Musing of a crazy girl

Very random post today, nothing fashiony as everything is packed up for the big move a week tomorrow (!) We got the flat in April & thought it would be forever for the 1st of August to come but it is nearly here - so exciting. My new room is so much bigger than my room in my current flat & had a walk in wardrobe and a massive dark wood three door wardrobe so I will have all my clothes nicely stored which I am so excited to organise. Sad but true.

Just some random pictures, nothing too special. Basically, I am loving Rimmel's Nude Delight lipstick so much so I bought one for my mama for part of her birthday along with a ring & some Clinque goodies. A little cheeky sweet I bought, remember Wham bar - amazing! I really need to get back in to healthy eating and the gym but I've hurt my back again so need to wait a little till it's better. I am planning on taking up pilates at the gym as I hear that helps back pain. Hopefully it will mean my slipped disk doesn't play up too much. Finally my lovely new academic diary, it is pretty bright & girly but it's cute.

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