Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hot Chilli

17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Hot Chilli is love. 

The orange-redness, the finish, its staying power is just lovely. It could get my award for favourite bright which seems silly considering the MAC lipsticks I've invested in over the years. I wore it out a couple of weeks ago actually it might have been last week on a night out with a black off the shoulder top & camel jeans which can be seen here.  

My camera has finally (!) been fixed & I am going to collect it sometime this week so the picture will be better quality. Feel like ages since I had it, suppose it has been since April! 

What are your favourite bright lipstick? 



  1. Great blog :). I'm following you. If you like my blog, I hope that you will follow me too...


  2. Nice colour!


  3. My favourite bright lipsticks are by Rimmel. Tell No One is a lovely shade :)
    I love your hair!

    Rosie x

  4. @then she'll carelessly cut you Tell no one is a gorgeous colour! Thanks :) x


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