Wednesday, 20 July 2011

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

I bought this just over a week ago and I was requested by the lovely Eliza to review it so that is what I am doing.  It is safe to say this is what I have been searching for all my life! I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. I kept a sort of diary of the week so I could keep track of my thoughts on the product.

Day One
I was impressed with the product, my skin felt exfoliated and clean. My skin felt much cleaner than with my old cleanser, toner, facial wash routine.

Day Two
My skin felt really clean and moisturised.

Day Three
This was the first day I used the product day and night. My make up applied really nicely after I washed my face with this. My skin appears to be clearer, is very soft and feels 'healthy'.

Day Four/Day Five
Used morning & night. My skin is a lot clearer - there is still a few spots but in general it looks clearer. It is very soft. Really enjoying using the product & am definitely seeing the benefits.

Day Six
This was the first day I didn't enjoy using the cleanser as much but it was after work & I was very tired. My skin is still clear with a few blemishes but it has 100% helped my blackheads.

Day Seven
My skin is still very clean feelings. The muslin cloth is pretty worn now and needs to be replaced. I bought 50 muslin squares from Mothercare for £7.99, they are just little muslin squares but do the job perfectly. A new muslin cloth is always the best cleanse.

Noticed tonight when applying my night cream my skin, especially on my cheeks is a lot clearer. My blemishes are fading (finally), the only product that has changed had been my cleanser so I am putting it down to the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I would definitely recommend this product. I actually like taking my make up off, it is one step & simple. £9 isn't too expensive for the product when you think of buying a cleanser, toner & facial wash - that would probably me more expensive.

Hope you are all well. x

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  1. I'm awfull at keeping up/finding a decent skincare routine, maybe I should try this

  2. definitely, I use to skip it all the time but this is so quick plus my skin is looking better than in along time! xx


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