Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tremble for yourself my man.

First of let me apologies for my face in the first two pictures & in the last two. I have no idea what was going on. Least you can all have a good laugh at me! Anyways I absolutely love these trousers. They were in the Zara sale for twenty squid reduced from £30. Bargain (well not really...)

They are so incredibly comfortable. It is like wearing your jammie bottoms. I love them. Kept everything else pretty simple & black seen as the trousers are very vibrant. The belt is a new love also, as I have been searching for a studded belt for a while. I think it makes the trousers a little less pretty and a little more edgy. I went to a few vintage shops in Glasgow with my mum today, saw some amazing clothes sadly I am skint so couldn't buy anything. I have a mental list of what I want come pay day.

Being out and about in the West end has made me get really excited as I know when I finish uni I really want to come back here/there & get a nice flat in the West End... *goes off into a major day dream*

Blazer is H&M, Body is New Look, Belt &Trousers are Zara sale & the Bag was a gift. x


  1. Those trousers look great, especially with the blazer! x

  2. you look great!!
    love the pants!
    i'm following you by google friends hope you'll do the same if you'll like mine
    sweet italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion
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