Friday, 8 July 2011

This door is always open.

I love these trousers. I love them so much I feel I want to go and buy another pair in the same colour.
I have my eye on a red pair & a cobalt pair but they are difficult to get hold of. 

Didn't do too much, just went for lunch with the mum & dad. My dad isn't very well just now so was nice to spend sometime with them both. Lunch was amazing. Chicken & bacon club - amazing! Don't think I'll need carbs a year although I am craving toast ... with butter ... and jam.

This top I bought earlier in the week & I totally love the colour. The cut is pretty nice to, might have to make a trip back to H&M to get it in the other colours that they have. 

Top & Blazer are H&M . Jeans are New Look . Bag is Tesco . Sandals are Primark specials

I didn't wear any jewerelly or accesorizes today which is a bit weird but I only brought a neck lace with from Edinburgh. A single necklace. Silly me.

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  1. love this outfit! and omg i love jam and butter on toast strawberry weight watchers jam is to die for ;) i hope your dad is okay and as if the bag is from tesco it's lovely xx


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