Friday, 1 July 2011

Russian Rambles.

Do you ever sometimes think 'Oh I wish I had done that instead', I have always been interested in history (I get it from my dad) I thought of studying it at uni but chose something more 'practical', I guess you could say but every time I read a history book or watch something on the TV relating to history it makes me want to learn more & takes my whole attention. Maybe it's fate I didn't study it because that way it can be a hobby or interest for me. I don't know.

I have a massive list of places I want to visit. It includes the usual places; Paris, Rome... but I really want to go to Moscow. I have this over powering interest in Russia & Moscow in particular. The architecture is meant to be amazing. I want to go so badly I feel like nipping out my flat along the road to Waterstones to get a travel book on it!

Today is my second day off so I went for a wander in to a few charity shops, picked up three books & a really cute clock which I will picture when I get my brother camera next week! It is the cutest clock I've ever seen. One month today I move into my new flat - thank the lord! Can't wait to get my room all sorted. 

A couple of Miss Selfridge picks. I really want some espadrilles, these one have a kind of lace, crochet effect on them which makes them quite feminine & pretty which I like plus they would go with pretty much anything. At £14 you can't really go wrong! I also really love this playsuit with some black heels, bare legs. Perfect for a night on the town this summer. Could led to some 'episodes' going to the loo after a few cheeky cocktails though...



  1. that dress is so cute!
    i really loved espadrilles but people have gone so mad with Toms I'm kind of put off! haha.


  2. haha I know they are everywhere. Not sure if they are actually as comfy as they look too! x


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