Wednesday, 27 July 2011


... I'm not one for bright coloured clothing, I stick to black mostly - I wont' lie about that - recently however I have been incorporating brighter pieces into my collection. 

One way of doing so has been through interesting shades of trouser. I have shown you my ever so loved camel skinny jeans which aren't particularly bright but are different and definitely a favourite piece. Due to my ever growing love for the camel jeans I saw the deep red pair online and decided to snap them up. However when they arrived and I excitedly unwrapped them I noticed they were in fact the cropped version.

I was a little disappointed at first as I was expecting full length red jeans but I actually really love them. They are a little bit different and after looking at some blogs I have been inspired by the way others have worn cropped jeans. To date, I have only worn them with a simple off the shoulder top, some nude ballet flats and a black bag but I have some other plans for them. One thing I found about these jeans is the material is a little less heavy than the camel jean, I found it to be a little cheaper but it could just be they are more of a summer trouser?

My wardrobe is looking very bright with my red jeans, my orange trousers - who knows what other colourful pieces will be added in the near future. 

I am moving flat on Monday, cannot believe the 1st of August is upon us. I have been waiting since April for moving day. There are a few ideas for my room which I will share if I like the outcome. Interior design has really started to interest me, does anyone know any good interior blogs? I would love to peruse some.

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