Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Run, whirlwind run Further and further away

 I finally have a camera again, still (!) not my camera, it still hasn't been fixed - they've only had it since April, maybe someday soon I'll have my lovely Canon back but until then my very kind brother has allowed me to have a loan of his!

Last Friday I Tweeted about going round a few charity shops, my favourite purchase was this clock. It is pretty pink and I'm not really a 'pink person' but for £3 I couldn't say no. I love it! I can't wait to move into my new flat (three weeks!!) & make my new room all pretty with my new clock.

Now on to a little bit of shopping I did on Monday. One of the flat mates & I were bored so decided to go for a wander round the shops. Safe to say I went a little crazy & now have about £40 to last me until pay day - comeeee on pay dayy!

To be completely honest, I do need new tops, a lot of mine are done and needing to be replaced. At the start of last week I bought two basic black tops from Zara. One long sleeved & off the shoulder which can be seen in this post & a marl tshirt. On to the clothes...

My faourties are without a doubt the studded belt & the orange palazzos. I love them! Both sale items - win! Although the Zara sale isn't that amazing, it's normally reduced by a few pounds plus the staff in the Princes Street store are rude as fook. I mean seriously rude! If I had stronger will power, I wouldn't go back but the clothes are just too pretty...



  1. I LOVE that clock! Been looking for a cute clock for my bedside table for ages, definitely want something like this. That's rubbish about the Zara staff, rude sales assistants put me off buying so much!xx

  2. The staff in most zara's are pretentious arseholes! Its like they have a superiority complex, who knows why!
    The clock is gorgeous! I have a similar one in black from ikea, but the pink is much more feminine! x


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