Saturday, 16 July 2011

Loving the leopard print

Leopard print is such a beautiful print. Without a doubt it is up there in my tops prints.

Subtle incorporation of leopard print is good. Pat Butcher, over the top leopard print is not so good. I felt a little bit blah in this outfit, compromising of an off white tee from H&M, navy trousers from Zara &  tan belt that has seen better days from H&M also. While walking through my mum & dad's house I spotted these beauts out of the corner of my eye. They belong to my lovely mother, who very kindly let me borrow them them for the day. They are from Next, pretty sure they were reasonably priced & are very much loved.

I am still in search of some leopard print ballet flats as well as some leopard print heels but I have yet to find my love.

Friday was a pretty blah day, people - well a person - making things difficult for me & generally upsetting me. Knocking me back from the progress I've made. Just need to stay strong & not let myself be defeated! Pep-talk for myself over... x


  1. I love leopard, its my all time favourite print and a bit of a classic now x

  2. Can't beat a bit of leopard print! x


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