Sunday, 15 March 2009

In & Out Fourteen

Whats in for Sunday

My fringe - I don't know why but I'm going through a 'I love having a fringe faze'. We have a love-hate relationship (but its mostly love <3)

Rachel Bilson's bag - she has made me NEED
(a) a yellow oversized clutch
(b) a red oversized bag and
(c) lots of Chanel bags!
Jewerally - rings, earings, braclets, necklaces <3
Scarfs - realised today the number of scarves I actually own (it is ridiculous but they can transform an outfit!)
Growing my hair super long & dying it probably this Wednesday :D Bye Bye White hairs hello blonde hair (dark blonde!)

Whats out for Sunday

My back being verrrrry sore again - stupid disk/disc (sp)
Chipped nails - they look gross and messy
Working! This whole working for a living thing just isn't for me (lol I joke) - Basically I hate where I work, I started when I was 17 and lacking confidence and now two years on I feel I've learnt all I can from it. (Plus the customers are just evil!)
ASOS's total lack of nice bags infact all shops lack of nice bags - disappointed :(


  1. Urghhh I know what you mean about finding a nice bag... i've been looking for ages but couldn't find one any where :(

  2. @TalluluhBella

    I no - then you don't want one and there is loads of nice ones in the shops!
    Hope you find one soon
    :D x


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