Monday, 16 March 2009

Mary Kate's "Grown up" Look

In the papers Mary Kate's outfit was described as being "Grown up" and yes, I suppose it is grown up but amazingly she is a grown up!!
Her look is very simple but has a lot of impact. The red lips and big hair draw attention to Mary Kate and then you notice the beautifully simple black dress that Mary Kate has accessorized with a belt round the waste and a clutch.

I think what the papers were getting at is that she has grown up, she is no longer a little girl or a teenager anymore and her style is changing. Basically, she is finding out who she is and is trying different style like everyone does.

Anyways, back to the outfit! Personally it is a winner - it is simple and elegant. Plus her red lips rock! x


  1. Oooh, i love this. Always so pretty x

  2. Wow I love her grown up look!

  3. Heaven= a day inside the Olsen's wardrobe!

    Have you got their book Influence? I love this.

    Rachel Bilson's black bag in the middle from you earlier post is beautiful. Is it Chanel? I can't make out the logo in your pic.

    Nice blog btw- now following! :)

  4. @ Zoella.

    I no, I want to be her for a day lol x

  5. @I would go out tonight but

    That would be amazing! I think I would probably steal some stuff lol.

    Yeh I think it is - another Chanel back that I want :)

    Thanks, I've followed you too :D



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