Monday, 9 March 2009

Hair Hero Number 2 & Style Hero Number 1

Nicola Roberts hair rocks my cotton socks!
It has so much volume and is such a beautiful shape, I just love it. Looking at pictures of her makes me want to get my hair cut like this - I love it so much and the colour of it in the picture below is so rich, it is gorgeous! I wasn't really a fan of Nicola's before she came into her own (tbh I wasn't a fan of any of them! but now its Nicola & Sarah anyways back to the point....) now I think her style is amazing and she is inspiring me to stop with the fake tan.

Her style in my opinion is classic 1950s with a modern edge which works really well.
I love the leather biker jacket in these two pictures and am looking desperately for one so if you see one somewhere please let me know (A), it would be much appreciated :D Like myself she is a fan of floral prints and prom dress style skirts. Basically I think she is awesome :)

Who are your hair and style hero's also?


  1. I love Nicola Roberts :) x

  2. @Laura

    Yeh she is amazing! Her and Sarah are the best lol x


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