Wednesday, 11 March 2009

In and Out Twelve

The In's for Wednesday

Phone Number eye kohl - loving this <3
Day off on Friday woo - Exicted about my day off, I plan on sleeping alot as I'm not feeling very well :(
My Ipod - I can't get enough of it just now lol. I have been lsitening to it constantly and just been enjoying my own thoughts (this may explain my sore ears and the ringing that I am getting!)
Still considering getting the chair chopped off and dying it a richer colour (to cover the greys! and just coz really)

Lisa Snowdon's shoes - slightly tacky but they are still a-may-zing!

The Out's for Wednesday

Rude MAC Sales assistants - they all just seem to be stuck up and plain rude! Made me mad lol.
Lisa Snowdon's dress - not a fan
Topshop disappointing me - could find anything in either of the Topshops in the city centre :(
The rain - was such a nice day yesterday now its just cold and wet
I think I'm getting the cold - I avoided it this winter but I think I'm getting it now and I really don't want it :(
Grey hair - at 19! Infact they aren't even grey, they are pure white!


  1. My mother went completely grey by the time she was 25. I have a friend who was completely grey by 14. Thats why they make hair dye my friend.... experiment and have fun!!!

  2. @*stars*in*my*pocket

    14 - that sucks! lol I'm just going to dye my hair all the colours I've ever wanted to lol



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