Monday, 30 March 2009

In & Outs Twenty

Whats in for Monday
  • Lincoln Park after Dark - love it! I'm not a fan of pure black nail polish but two coats of this and it looks like it is but with a browny/purple undertone.
  • Booked my theory test woooo - all I need to do now is study!
  • Watching Season 2 of The Hills. This is my favourite season so far, I think. Heidi is really pretty and nice(!) In this season.
  • Feeling better :D
  • My new sunglasses - I love them!! Favourite thing I've bought so far this year
Whats out for Monday
  • Nail varnish drying up in the bottle meaning you can't open it and have to bin it :'(
  • My exam is in just over a month eekkk. Fingers crossed I passed :D
  • Skinny jeans - cannot pull these bad boys off! But I'm still wearing them!

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