Monday, 9 March 2009

In & Out Number Ten

Whats in for Monday ....
The warmer weather today - the sun makes people nicer
Got two purple nail varnishes coming :D I love purple nails
Biffy Clyro still - amazing songs!
Fred Perry plimsoles - so amazingly comfy & cute although with skinnys and my big feet I feel a little like Sideshow Bob
One week left of Block 2 at college - 1 to go & then its summer woot woot
Office shoe shop - my favourite shoe shop apart from Dune plus attractive male works there ;)
Whats out for Monday ....
Chipped Nails - they look gross! and I reallllly hate them.
The fact that my China Glaze polishes won't be here till Wednesday booo
Olivia in The City stealing Whitney's credit - what a cow! lol harsh but true
The fact Topshop only sell oversized boyfriend blazers - I want a fitted blazer that won't make me look like a potato!
My video won't play on my computer so I can't put it up on this :@


  1. I too want a tight-fitting blazer! I've been after a fitted, cropped blazer for a while now. Let me know if you find anything! :)

  2. @makeupmadb

    They don't have them anywhere - they only make oversized shapeless one at the moment.

    Will do :) x


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