Monday, 23 March 2009

In & Out Seventeen

Whats in for Monday
Pilates & Kick Boxing
Sunshine :D
Having a good driving lesson
Having a productive day
My new hair colour :D Loving it although its not a major change
Pay day on friday - wooo shopping Warehouse, MAC & most likely Topshop
Hot Office guy - ugh I think I love him lolol
Whats out for Monday
Random spot breakout
Studio Sculpt :@ Total love/hate relationship. But I have decided to go back to Minerlized satin finish but get it in a shade lighter. Roll on Pay day
Not many outs - having a good day :D


  1. I wanna see pics of the new hair color...

  2. @*stars*in*my*pocket*

    its not very exicting just a little lighter but I will post a horrible picture of me so you can see :D



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