Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In and Out Number Eleven

Whats in for Tuesday ...

My China Glaze arriving woo - can't wait to do my nails :D

The lovely day that Tuesday has been

Nicola Roberts hair - contemplating getting the chop for a change

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment - such a pretty fragrence

My red shoes <3

WHats Out for Tuesday ...

Going in for my 2.45 class to find that it is cancelled!

The fact that I haven't been to the gym properly in agessssss - really need to get back to it

Rude ticket men on the train - just not needed!


  1. LOVE the red shoes - where are they from?? xx

  2. @rainbowdust33

    Topshop - they hurt so much but they're pretty so its worth it lol x


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