Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In & Out Eighteen

Whats in for Wednesday
Sleeping - lots of it!
Fred Perry plimsole type shoes - so comfy only problem they give you socking feet when it rains.
Chicken soup with bread & butter - got to have the bread & butter!
Irn Bru - always makes me feel better.
Whats out for Wednesday
I think I'm getting the cold - I feel like rubbish; coughing, sneezing, pounding head :(
My lighter hair - I prefer my darker hair. My make-up looks better and I can wear bright pink blush without looking funny.
The hick-ups - they hurt and are EXTREMLY annoying.


  1. I LOVE chicken soup with bread and butter. Particularly, baxters cream of chicken soup. Yummy. :) x

  2. @WinterBlossom

    You have to have some bread & butter! Otherwise whats the point?! lol x


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