Sunday, 22 March 2009

Some things I Don't Get.....

This is just a random post ....
Some things that I don't get
Number One
Ankle socks with heels?! Why? It just looks silly in my opinion!
Number Two
Duffy's Coke Advert. Don't get me wrong I love her album and think she is fantastic but that advert is just awful, I can't watch it!
Number Three
MAC Prep + Prime skin packaging. How am I meant to know when it is totally done? Yes, it gets lighter as I use it but you can't even take the pump out to see if its totally empty. Bad packaging.
Number Four
As soon as the sun comes out in Glasgow all the girls seem to think it means they can dress like sluts basically! Its not and its not even that warm.
Rant over, what do you not get? x


  1. I totally agree with the ankle socks... Looks foolish to me!!

  2. i get what you mean about the sun in Glasgow
    I go to glasgow caley uni and the moment the sun was out the sunglasses and shorts skirts were on
    even though it was actually kinda windy!
    daft people

  3. no I actualy think ankle socks look cool. lol it's a cool rockish, odd-but-cool fashion statement i think!


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