Sunday, 1 March 2009

Shenae Grimes

I was watching 90210 the other night and noticed that I really love Shenae Grimes hair so I had a little google to get a good picture of it to take to the hairdressers next time and I came across this picture >

I really like what she is wearing - it looks casual and really comfy. Also, summery and relaxed, She doesn't appear to be trying to hard either but her outfit is style stylish.

What do you think of Shenae's outfits? Have you been watching 90210?



  1. Does she play the nice girl who plays Annie in the show when the other girl was on drugs? I haven't really been watching much of it but I like her she's really pretty, & the guy who plays her brother... *swoon* ♥
    PS love outfit 2 ;)

  2. @Suzie

    Yeh I think her names Annie - I get confused with the names lol.

    I get into it & then forget its on

    :) x


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