Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hair Hero

I love The City - a little more than I love The Hills dun dun dunnnn (8) lol
While I was watching it I noticed that my hair was similar to Erins (fringe, long, brown/blonde). I normally curl my hair because I think it looks unhealthy if I don't but after watching the show I have realised that it doesn't really and that straight it can look glossy, healthy & "formal" - can't think of the right word there!

Erin's hair is really shiny and healthy looking which is now something that I aspire my hair to be. I read somewhere that she only washes it once a week - this will be difficult for me! But i am going to try and get my hair into better condition.

I love her hair!!! lol

whos hair do you like best?


  1. I remember seeing a picture of you - it must have been on your blog and thinking how much you looked like her!!

  2. I love the olsen's messy tousled hair, but everytime i try and recreate goes all frizzy and rubbish. x

  3. I love whitney! I think shes gorgeous!! xx


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