Monday, 1 June 2009

Bright Frocks :)

Kristin is taking over from Lauren on The Hills which in my opinion will be a nice change as Kristin is all about drama! So it should get a bit more exciting :D

Anyways, while reading some gossip sites I came across these two pictures of Kristin.

In both she is wearing really bright, pretty dresses.

I loveee the orange-red of this dress and the contrasting black bust. It is really a beautiful dress, she has kept everything else really simple and made the dress the main feature.
The colour is so bright and summery too - a sun dress in this colour would be gorgeous!

This is Kristin at Heidi and Spencer's wedding, this is a blue-purple. In some pictures it is more of a cobalt but either way it is beautiful. In my opinion, Kristin dress a lot more appropriately for a wedding than some of the guests *cough* Brody's girlfriend *cough*.
The colour is beautiful and she has kept everything else really simple again - which I loveee. This would make a pretty sundress too.
Anyone else excited for Kristin to be on The Hills? x


  1. The blue dress is the most gorgeous shade xo

  2. Wow i love both of those dresses x

  3. When did they make Kristen the new Hills Girl? I know Lauren was leaving and i thought they would get someone totally new with new problems and issues. Really what does Kristen have going on for her, besides rocking up to red carpet events.



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