Friday, 12 June 2009

Outfit 9

Pretty much the same as what I wore the other but in different colours! I also wore one of these tunics on Wednesday expert is has a floral print.
Topshop Cardigan, tunic & leggings. H&M braided waist belt and accessorize rings. Oh and my 'Emma' necklace too.
I love these things and the Topshop I was in today had loads more patterns and colours in :D
What did everyone else wear today? x


  1. Lovely as ever, your hairs lightened up alot! xo

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan Thanks, yeah it has - but I really like it now :D x

  3. That blue is gorgeous. I keep looking at those tunics in Topsop, i might have to get one..... or two...... x

  4. @ Em x you should - they are super comfy and not too expensive really. They are a tad addictive too lol x

  5. I love this colour of blue. :) xxx


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