Thursday, 4 June 2009

Candie Payne

This is a bit of a different post today, normally I post about celebrities and fashion or random posts but I thought I would do a post about music. Music is a big thing in my day - I never go a day without music in fact I think its what I hear most (apart from YouTube videos and the occasional tele).
Depending on my mood what I listen to varies. I like a bit of everything really; indie, R&B, electro, dance, pop, cheesy stuff....
Anyways back to the point, this is just a little post about one of my favourite singers, Candie Payne. Candie is the sister of Sean Payne of The Zutons and Howie Payne of The Stands - little fact in there for you all :)
One night last year, on youtube I randomly discovered her song 'One more chance' which Mark Ronson (swoon!) produced and our stories begins here!
Shortly after I purchased her album from Amazon and listened to it non-stop for weeks I think. Her music has been described as "pop noir" and is very retro, sort of Dusty Springfield. It is very much 60s inspired as her Candie's style in my opinion.

Her songs are based on relationship or that is how I have interpreted them. Some are more pop-y than others but if you listen to the album I think you will like them all. There are a few where some days I skip past because I'm not in that mood I guess but they are all listened to regularly.

Her album is fantastic and I think there is a new one in the pipe lines at the moment.

Not only is her music amazing, Candie is also very pretty & has fantastic eyeliner! Always a thumbs up in my book :D If your a shoe lover check out the 'One more chance' video - beautiful shoes!
Let me know if you like a post on something different every once in a while? Also, if you check out Candie Payne let me know if you like it or not? x

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