Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gentlemen prefer blondes ....

Lauren Conrad is known for The Hills (obv) but her hair is also lusted after by many. I saw this picture of Lauren on a gossip site, she is doing a shoot for Haper's Bazarr and has a brown short bobbed wig on.
I think Lauren has naturally brown hair but dyes it blonde, how much does she suit brown hair?!
I think she looks amazing with it - really sophisticated and her skin looks really healthy and glowing.

Another thing I like is her outfit - in particular her trousers. They are drain pipe's that are ankle grazing - they look really sophisticated and dressy without being too much. I would probably wear them with some ballet flats, a coloured tee and either a blazer or a long line cardigan.
What do you think of Lauren's hair and outfit? x


  1. I really like it but think she looks older, im loving those drainpipes though!! x

  2. She definately looks better as a brunette! People often look best with hair in the same shade as their natural colour as it complements their skin and eyes perfectly! xox

  3. @MissGlamTan I think its the cut that makes her look older, if it was her long wavy hair I think it would look pretty. yeah the drainpipes rock! x

  4. I'm definately loving this hair!! x

  5. i like it, but i must admit im too in love with her blonde hair, the amount of times ive told my hair dresser to make my hair the same colour its rediculous.. they never get it right! lol
    the outfit is lovely too, youre right. but im not sure if she would really stand out i a crowed.. do you know what i mean?
    both the hair and the outfit would look nice on thier own but together i think it looks abit too sophisticated x

  6. Wow! She really suits the different hair colour. Drain pipes are cool too...quite a smart dressy but not over done look I reckon.

  7. Yeah I agree she looks dead sophisticated! If the style was less harsh she would look stunning!

    I like her blonde highlighted hair too but it's harder to make that look shiny.


  8. I like her in this look.. its more flattering to her legs.

    Your right she looks v. healthy.. much better as a brunette but older!


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