Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So I went shopping today - the first time in ages - and I actually got everything that was on my mental list. I was swayed in Topshop by a stripy dress but I held off (tbh I will probably go and get it tomorrow!)
Anyways ... here is what I got :D

I had seen these earrings online and didn't really expect them to have them in the shop but they did. They are just big 'gold' dangley heart and I realllly like them. Plus they were only £4!

I got these shoes, I was actually looking for black shoes but Topshop didn't have any nice ones and neither did New Look so I just picked up these baby's. They are a brown-gold with a snake skin effect and a twisty bit at the front. These were £20 plus student discount ;) I think I will go back tomorrow or Friday and just get these really simple black flats they had to wear with leggings and dresses :D

I also bought some L'oreal hair dye in Natural dark brown which is pretty much my natural hair colour. After I dyed it back before it went a sort of red-yellow tone and pretty light and I really don't like it so the mother is going to dye it tomorrow night :D

I have a few things coming from Topshop soon so I will post pictures of them. What everyone else bought lately? x


  1. Gorgeous purchases! You've got gooood taste girl! xo

  2. Ohhh i love thos shoes x

  3. I love new look shoes. I've bought three pairs recently. I like how a lot of them are real leather. They are good value too esp with the student discount. :) xxx

  4. Love the earings and the shoes :) Good choices x


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