Friday, 26 June 2009

Bits 'n' bobs

About a month ago I had put myself on a shopping ban simply because I need to save money and basically I have a spending problem!
Earlier this week I had to go into town to get black trousers (which I got from Gap, amazing trousers in there fyi!) for my grandpa's funeral. I was feeling a bit blah and flat so I decided that I deserved a treat.
I didn't get very much but it killed the need to shop and also cheered me up a little.

I got this necklace from Accessorize. It is super duper long comes to below my belly button and is made up of different shaped beads that are black - as you can see! I think it was £12 or £9.50?! One or the other. I like it because it is sort of vintagey.

I got this floral and black dress which in the picture looks a little shapeless and blog like but when it is on it is fitted around the waist and a lot nicer than pictured. I loved this for the fact that it is floral!

Finally item from this exciting shopping trip ... black satin shoes from Accessorize. I was hunting for black shoes for the funeral and couldn't find my size apart from in these so I got them and actually really like them. Bought these and then wore heels!

I bought some shampoo, facial wash and nail polish as well but there not that exciting really!



  1. I love that dress, i bet it looks lovely on. Sorry to hear about your grandad x

  2. @Em x & Tabitha Sheridan Thank youuu :D x


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