Sunday, 28 June 2009

Five Favourite Dresses

This has been going around You Tube as a tag so I thought I would do a post on my favourite dresses ....
They aren't in any particular order just as they come really :D
My first two are the Topshop tunic that everyone has at the moment. I have one floral and a few of the colour. My favourite colour is the black one as you can accessorized in loads of different ways and made to look different.

This is another Topshop dress. Its just a simple tea dress with love hearts, diamonds and spades (like from a deck of cards) on it. It has a ruffled neckline and a tie around the wait. I got this in October and it was £45 I think. I really love it and have worn it loads.

This is relatively new but it has still made the favourites. It is from Dorothy Perkins and was £22 I think, not 100% sure! Its floral at the top and then got a band around the waist and then just a jersey skirt.

This is a bit more of a fancy, going out dress. You'll never guess where I got it ..... Topshop!
I bought it for my cousins engagement party and wore it with a tux jacket, tights and pixie boots. Its fitted at the top and then has a prom dress style skirt which flatters my shape. I was about £45.

What are your favourite dresses?

I'm going to tag people coz its fun and I like seeing people's favourites :D

Tabitha's Wonderland

Music, fashion, clutter

Passion for Fashion

Superficial Girls (I love her you tube fashion videos!)

Anyone else that wants to do it, do it!

Take care x

PS Apologies about the picture quality, its really over cast here :D


  1. Thankyou for the tag! I love the look of the dorothy perkins one, ive got it but with turquoise on the top, but its too short for me! :( bet it looks gorge on you though! xx

  2. Thanks for tagging me, i will get on the case tomorrow x

  3. Edinburgh, & quite partial to a night oot in Glasgae! Love the Indie Clubs they are way better x

    p.s wasn't if i should have replied on your blog or mine about the above? ;)x

  4. Edinburgh, & quite partial to a night oot in Glasgae! Love the Indie Clubs they are way better x


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