Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Outfit 8

Not done one of these bad boys in agessss so I thought it was about time I did.
Today the weather was dry in Glasgow with sunshine (some clouds but there was sun! Doesn't happen often!) and it was warmish so I thought I would rock some summer attire :D

So I wore a black Topshop tunic that is elasticated at the waist (seriously LOVE these got it in a few colour and prints :D) with a black patent waist belt from good ol' H&M, some black leggings from Topshop that are extra long and high waisted (don't have a clue why I bought these bad boys!) a pale beige/golden cardigan from Topshop and some black flats from shop of the top as well. I put on my usual beads and bangles and my 'Emma' necklace. In the picture I have pearls on but I took them off in favour of the necklace =D
That's what I wore today. It was super duper comfy.
Also, got a new hair colour. Its reallly dark, on Sunday it was black but its faded to a very dark brown now and I kinda like it. I don't look orange anymore now just tanned :D

Recently I have been searching for a cropped denim jacket like Frankie from The Saturdays. I have tried Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Oasis and a few other places but haven't found one yet. If anyone has seen one anywhere please let me know - craving one badly. Trip to my childhood with my cropped denim jacket :D

What did everyone else wear today? x


  1. Ooh I bought a cropped denim jacket recently. River Island do lovely ones, have a look on their online store for ideas. I didn't want to pay £40 for one though, so I went on ebay and got a River Island one for about £15, bargain! I love it, they look great for summer. xx

  2. @Amy Didnt think of RI - yeah jsut want a cheap one for this summer. I'll check it out, thanks :D x

  3. love the outfit& the new hair! ooh u just reminded me i want acrop denim jacket too!! xxx

  4. @Natalia thanks :D I really want one, obv its what all the cool kids are wearing Joke! x

    @Tabitha Sheridan I'll check it out. Forgot about old Dotty p :D x

  5. Ohh where did you get your Emma necklace from? I'm Emma too and i've wanted one forever!

  6. @Em x punkypins.co.uk think it was about £20 :D x

  7. River Island always do really nice denim jackets. Failing that try Ebay! You might be able to get a bargain vintage one :)




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