Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In and Out Twenty Nine

Whats in for Tuesday ...
  • Red nails - Rimmel double decker red. Such a pretty, vibrant red. Its ashame it chips at the top the nails so quickly though :
  • My darker hair - if I had done this on Sunday or yesterday this would be in the outs but with make up on I actually really like it. Plus it has faded thanks to a recomendation from http://marie-loves.blogspot.com/ so its not black anymore :D
  • Nice weather in Glasvegas today = summer attire
  • College finishing soon. E-burgh in September woooo
Whats out for Tuesday ...
  • More Magazine - it is just me or does it get more expensive every week and a tad more shite?! Tbh I only buy it for Men overheard!
  • College finishing soon meaning everyone will be going home soon :(


  1. Use head and shoulders! Fades dye like no ones business. xo

  2. @Tabitha Sheridan I'm using Vosene , that a dandruff shampoo too - stinks but is working. Once thats done ill use some H&S, stop my hair getting to use to the Vosene :D x

  3. Youre coming to Edinburgh eh?wat for?x


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