Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Love & Hate Tag

I was tagged by Stephanie of Steph Stuph to do this lvoe/hate tag so here goes .....
Love ... Nude lips. I wear a disgusting amount of eyeliner (really too much but its my thing aparentely?!) so I usually opt for a nude lip normally a lippie but sometimes a gloss if I'm feeling like it. Sometimes I will wear a pale pink like Snob by MAC but its usally a nude.
Hate ... Chapped lips! Nothing looks right on my face if my lips are all manky and chipped plus lippie/gloss looks not so good :
Love ... MAC MSF - best thing since sliced bread! No clue what I did before this. It un-shines (is that a word?) my face, covers my spots ... and I love it basically. This would be closely followed by MAC Minerlised Satin Finish foundation.
Hate ... Wearing foundation thats too dark and you get the orange affect. A "Glasgow glow" (basically you are orange with a slight black tinge due to over sunbedding!) Also, when girls wear foudnation thats too dark and then end up with tide lines around their mouths - not attractive!
Love ... big, massive hair! The bigger the better, size matters and all that. I don't suit poker straight hair at all, get a slight pumpkin effect going on with my head size/shape. I like hair with loads of volume either messy bedhead (something I've been rocking a lot as of late) or big full curls.
Hate ... Poker straight hair or masssssssive roots. Not a fan of them at all.
Love ... Eyeliner! Who every created this would get a kiss from me! (dunno if thats a good or a bad thing?) Aslong as i've got my liner I'm ste :D
Hate ... Clumpy mascara. A little clumpy can be okay - more volume etc but if its overlly clumpy yeck! Not a fan.
Love ... Moisturisers :) Baby soft skin FTW!!
Hate ... Dry skin or when fake tan goes all patchy.
I TAG anyone that wants to do this :D x

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