Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pretty in Pink

I love Kristin's dress!
It is a gorgeous shift dress with detailing at the neck and the straps but what I love most is .... the colour.
It is so vibrant and eye-catching. The dress, overall is very lady like and grown up but I think the straps and neckline make it a little younger as does the colour.
My only moan is her shoes, personally, I would have chosen a less busy shoe. Maybe a black peep toe or a tan peep toe to keep the focus on the dress.
Oh, can anyone else see that Kristin's legs look wayyyyy darker than the rest of her?? lol x


  1. I love her dress too, but her legs just look odd! x

  2. I think her legs are darker from the shadow of her dress... or at least I hope so.


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