Thursday, 25 June 2009

Good Company?

I am an avid reader of 'Company' magazine - that and 'Glamour' and I am sorted! - while bored one afternoon I stumbled onto their website. I thought I would play some games or read some gossip but instead I found myself on their style section. The team do post on what people in the office are wearing.
The link is ....
I picked a few that I really liked and that have inspired me to try a similar outfit.

I liked the slouchy-ness Vs the fitted, tailored - ness! (adding -ness onto words makes it a word in my book! :D ) I would wear this, possibly with a less slouchy dress or with a waist belt otherwise I would look like the back end of a bus but nonetheless it is a really easy, summer look that is wearable.

Plus, it includes a bit of tailoring - makes it a winner in my books really!

This look I really love. It is very pretty and feminine, the dress is the main focus which is achieved by everything else being black. This is another one that I would wear very happily - its appropriate for work and for going out after work in my opinion. Again, it has some tailoring :D

The thing that drew me to this one was the wedges! I am in love with wedges at the moment (which are from Faith if I remember correctly). This is really summery and simple with the main focus being the detail on the neckline.

I would say this is a bit more of a going out dress but she looks amazing in it and makes it work for a daytime look. The zip detailing on the dress is gorgeous and the studded belt adds a contrast between the soft pale pink of the dress. She is also wearing some gorgeous Topshop boots.

I'm really pleased I found this bit on the site as it is good for a little inspiration when you're having a fashion meltdown. Plus, a lot of the stuff is high street and available at the time of posting which is always a bonus.

What do you think of the outfits?

Take care x


  1. Much better colour :)
    Think its my old eyes! xxx

    I LOVE this feature, how inspirational. I agree the last dress is more going out to me too, but her boots are amazing! WANT! xx

  2. this is a great feature! a really good idea. i'm gunna check it out!


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